How to get followers on instagram for free

Generally, getting free followers on instagram is easier than on twitter. On instagram all you do is post a beautiful picture of yourself, sit back and let people give you the likes. But as they say, people like what they see. So always post pictures of you looking your best and in no time people will start following you. If you are a business seeking for more free followers, you will have to work harder. People seldom follow brand names they don’t know, unless they look really good on instagram.

Just like in the case of businesses looking for more free followers and free likes, adding a caption to your picture can make more people follow you. For instance, add a ‘follow me’ message below your photo and some people will definitely accept your request. On the other hand, follow the suggestions given to you by instagram. In most cases, instagram offer suggestions to follow people who happen to be your friends on Facebook (parent company), celebrities or people that your friends follow. Again, most people are kind enough to follow you back especially if you posts photos that they like and if you regularly like and comment on their photos.